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We can handle all your water remediation needs

According to industry estimates, 14,000 people in the US experience a water damage emergency at home or work each day, and 98% of basements in the US will suffe... READ MORE

Heavy rain causes flooding

When heavy rains and flooding occur, there's always the chance that it will leak into your property. This is exactly what happened in this local Auburn, WA bus... READ MORE

SERVPRO of Auburn/Enumclaw - Commercial Water Removal and Restoration

If your business in Enumclaw, WA is damaged by a water loss, call SERVPRO of Auburn/Enumclaw. Water cleanup and restoration is not an easy task and should be do... READ MORE

Esporta Wash System

SERVPRO of Auburn / Enumclaw has invested in the Esporta Wash System to help our clients lower their costs when it comes to fire and water damage. Many items th... READ MORE

Dripping Ceiling from Massive Rain Storm

One way to keep your floors dry is to use trash cans to catch the water. However, it is much easier to call SERVPRO of Auburn / Enumclaw for help. We are a 24-h... READ MORE

Window Sill Damaged During Storm

Damaged Window Causes Flooding This Window was damaged by high winds and years of exposure. After so much time the window started leaking and there was stormwat... READ MORE

Toilet Backup in Office Building

Pacific, WA Office Space has a Toilet Backup Toilets are often the reason for having the need for a remediation specialist. There is no need to save carpet and ... READ MORE

How do you set up dehumidification correctly?

Keep Ducting Out of The Way When a commercial company had a large water damage they turned to SERVPRO of Auburn / Enumclaw to dry out their building. We are cer... READ MORE

How do you dry out a large water damage?

Using a Commercial Desiccant for Drying When there are multiple floors to dry because of a broken pipe or frozen sprinkler damage, it's important to have the ri... READ MORE

Enumclaw Storm Caused Roof Leak

Ceiling Damage and Roof Leak from Large Storm This Enumclaw, WA commercial building was damaged in a storm because of a roof leak. The water found its way in th... READ MORE